WEAVE Movement Theatre


Weave Movement Theatre is an ambitious and diverse Melbourne based hybrid dance and theatre performance company comprising people with and without disabilities. Weave formed in 1997 through an Arts Access Victoria project and continues today developing high quality performances under the artistic direction of Janice Florence, a dance artist with paraplegia.Weaves’ work subverts audience’s expectations and challenges conventional ways of seeing dance and disability. Weaves’ work combines dance, physical theatre, spoken word and absurd humour to create bold ground-breaking performances. Weave presents a distinctive and progressive model for inclusive dance performance.

Perfomance credits include: Wannabe a rabbit?(2017), White Day Dream(2016) , both directed by Yumi Umiumare, and the film Will you go round with me? (2015), Flock(2013), Done to perfection (2012), Capsule (2009), A Broken Puzzle (2010)