Workshop Series

Weekend Butoh Intensive Workshop by Yumi Umiumare


Facilitated by an acclaimed Japanese Australian Butoh dancer and choreographer Yumi Umiumare, this workshop will introduce various Butoh philosophies and Yumi’s unique Butoh Cabaret methods, including characterisation, provocation, and transformation. Using what Yumi describes as ‘BodySpecific’ styles, she leads workshops to stimulate and uncover participants’ own unique and authentic movements, working through images, narrative and abstraction. Unfolding the expression of ‘laughter’ in different contexts, participants have the opportunity to create sequences, emerging from their personal poetry and movements using narrative, metaphor and rituals.

“Extremely high quality. Yumi took us through a series of detailed exercises that carefully scaffolded our learning experience. Yumi’s warm, encouraging teaching style gave me permission to try things to my own ability level.”

“15 hours with Yumi leading the group – we were able to take a deep dive into Butoh and experience so many exercises and experiences of Butoh.”

The workshop is open to all levels of experience and artistic disciplinary.

WHEN & Time
(Fri) 5 April | 6pm - 9pm
(Sat) 6 april |10am-5pm
(Sun) 7 april | 10am-5pm

Abbotsford Convent - oratory

TeaBreak Yumi Umiumare photo by Mifumi ObataJPG.JPG



a.【Give it try】- $600 value = $540/$510 
Weekly Butoh WorkShop + "Breaking the Dark Mask" WORKSHOP

b.【Dive in2 Weekends】- $600 value = $540/$510
“Breaking the Dark Mark” WS + Weekend Butoh Intensive Workshop

c.【Forbidden Laughter】- $850 value = $700/$670
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